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Announcing AgentMethods Social - Social Media Management for Insurance Agents

March 9th, 2015Posted by AgentMethods in Social Media, AgentMethods, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

We are very excited to announce the launch of AgentMethods Social, our new social media management platform built specifically for insurance agents. With AgentMethods Social, you can now easily manage your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter updates directly from the AgentMethoods platform. Use it to generate leads and stay in touch with your networks. With integrated analytics, you also get instant feedback on what works. It takes a minute to set up and two clicks to use.

Here’s a…

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New Feature: Easily Share Pages to Twitter and Facebook

January 23rd, 2012Posted by akassover in Facebook, Insurance Agent Websites, Social Media, Twitter

We’ve recently added an enhancement to the AgentMethods insurance website platform to make promoting your website on social networks even easier. You can now promote any page on your site to Facebook and Twitter with a single click. Watch a quick overview of the new enhancement:

Give it a try!
Log in to your AgentMethods account now to give it a try! We hope you find this useful!


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Rethinking Social Media for Insurance Agents – Put Down the Bullhorn and LISTEN!

January 15th, 2010Posted by akassover in Social Media, Trends, Twitter

It seems everywhere you turn, industry experts are telling insurance agents they should be using social media. “You should be blogging”. “ Are you tweeting?”. “Start a Facebook group for your agency.” This focus on broadcasting your message completely misses the point of social media.

Let’s face the facts: with very very few exceptions, daily updates from insurance agents simply aren’t something that interests the typical policyholder. Unless they’re buying …

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New Feature: Twitter Integration in Leads Management

December 21st, 2009Posted by akassover in Lead management, Twitter

We launched an update last weekend that adds Twitter integration to AgentMethods Leads Management. To help you keep up with your customers and prospects, you can now add their Twitter ID to their profile and see their recent tweets directly on their lead page.

Want to know more? Take a look at this short demo:

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