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New Features: Recent Leads Page and Leads Quick Access

September 7th, 2011Posted by akassover in Lead management

We’ve recently added two enhancements to the AgentMethods leads manager to make managing your leads even easier. First, we added a “Quick Access Box” that lets you instantly search your leads from anywhere inside AgentMethods. Second, we gave the leads tab a new look. You’ll now see a ‘Recent Activity’ view, giving you a snapshot of recent updates within your leads. Watch a quick overview of the new enhancements:

Give it a try!
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New Feature: Customize Your Quote Page and Leads Manager to Reflect Your Business

April 7th, 2011Posted by akassover in Insurance Agent Websites, Lead management

Yesterday we launched an improvement to the AgentMethods website builder. You can now customize the list of insurance products on your quote form and in the leads manager. Watch a one-minute overview:

Make your website as unique as your agency
Every insurance agent’s business is different. Whether you focus on a specific market, such as the senior market, golf courses, or small businesses, or a specific type of insurance such as life, health, or P&C, y…

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New Feature: Twitter Integration in Leads Management

December 21st, 2009Posted by akassover in Lead management, Twitter

We launched an update last weekend that adds Twitter integration to AgentMethods Leads Management. To help you keep up with your customers and prospects, you can now add their Twitter ID to their profile and see their recent tweets directly on their lead page.

Want to know more? Take a look at this short demo:

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Helpful tips to manage your insurance agency lead generation efforts

August 25th, 2009Posted by akassover in Lead management

Leads are critical to the health of every business, but this is especially true in the insurance industry.  Here is a short checklist to help you manage and stay on top of your leads management program.

  1. Send requested information immediately. Prospects have their own agenda and timeline, so you need to be ready to strike while the opportunity allows. Respond to inquires within 12 hours — actually the faster the better.  Remember, your prospects aren’t sitting and w…

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