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13 Reasons for Dating an Insurance Agent

November 15th, 2017Posted by Aaron in fun, random, insurance

If you’ve never done an internet search for the sexiest careers, you’re in for a shock: Selling insurance is glaringly absent.

Women, according to the latest surveys, drool over pilots, firefighters, professional athletes and deliverymen. Men make fools of themselves over physical therapists, interior designers, real estate agents and anyone who can cook. Oddly, both sexes enthusiastically approve of TV meteorologist…

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Growing your insurance client and prospect list using social media

October 26th, 2017Posted by Dvora in Social Media, insurance

As an insurance agent, you should use social media to grow your business by increasing the awareness of who you are and services you offer.

From Facebook posts and videos, to LinkedIn posts and Twitter announcements, there is no reason why you can’t increase the visibility of your insurance agency and grow your client base. However, a strong social media presence takes effort and time. Here are 4 ways to use social media to increase your insurance and prospect client base

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10 Celebrities Who Worked in the Insurance Industry Before Making it Big (You’ll Never Guess #9)

August 25th, 2017Posted by Aaron in random, insurance

If you know anything about insurance sales or sales work of any kind, then you know that being successful in sales requires qualities that will make you successful in other areas.

It means making phone calls or knocking on doors until you get a lead. (And a great insurance website, of course!)

It means learning how to read people well enough to know when or if you can make a c…

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Six Movies Every Insurance Agent Should Watch

May 30th, 2017Posted by Aaron in random, insurance

Hollywood can turn anyone into a hero or a villain - regardless of their occupation. Filmmakers have proven this many times by making insurance professionals the starring characters in comedies, mysteries and dramas. Casual visitors to various insurance websites probably don’t imagine working in insurance can be as dangerous, exciting, glamorous or fun as the…

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Using Humor & Individuality in Insurance Agency Commercials

January 24th, 2011Posted by akassover in Business, insurance, Trends

National P&C carriers have multi-million dollar advertising budgets. The results are some very high quality commercials. So how does a local agent with a limited budget compete? Easy: turn the small production budget into a strength by leveraging humor, using a  simple production approach and simply being yourself, rather than hiring professional actors and celebrities.

Here are a few classic examples:

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Using your website to close phone sales – A picture or chart is worth a 1000 words

November 12th, 2010Posted by akassover in insurance, Sales

We’ve all heard the expression that a picture is worth a 1000 words. That is especially true when explaining insurance, comparing different plans or updates to existing plans.

Recently, one of our agents took that expression to heart and added a chart showing the upcoming changes to Medicare on his homepage. Now, when he talks to his customers or prospects on the phone, he simply asks them to go to the homepage of his website and walks them through the changes they need to con…

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