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New content and callouts added to the AgentMethods content library

July 6th, 2011Posted by akassover in Content

Freshen up your website with new content and callouts!
We just added new titles covering a range of products to our content library. AgentMethods customers can update their site from our content library at any time. This is a great way to keep your site fresh and give your visitors a reason to come back.

New Coverage Options Articles:

  • Umbrella Insurance
  • Flood, Earthquake and Mudslides
  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance…

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Video 71: Want a Great Website? Put Yourself on an Editorial Calendar

May 9th, 2011Posted by akassover in Content, Insurance Agent Websites, Videos


Hi, it’s Aaron Kassover talking about insurance websites and how you can grow your insurance agency online.  Now, I’ve probably sound like a broken record always talking about content, adding content to your site, improving content.  The truth is that content is kind of the purpose of your website.  It’s to deliver information to your customers.  And so having great content is the fundamental sort of founda…

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Time to update your website! New content just added to the AgentMethods content library.

April 14th, 2011Posted by akassover in Content, Insurance Agent Websites

Now that you can customize your quote form to include any insurance product, we knew you would need additional copy to complement your product lines. Take a few minutes to update your website with new content and update your quote form with your products.

The new titles added to our Content Library include

Video 38: Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black, and Insurance Websites – What YOU Can Learn From YouTube Pop Stars

March 23rd, 2011Posted by akassover in Content, Insurance Agent Websites, Trends, Videos


Okay, forget about yesterday’s pumpkin cam.  Let’s go way out, way out into left field, into the realm of YouTube pop stars, and see what we can learn from them about insurance websites and there is something.  So in case you’ve been lucky enough to miss it the past few weeks, we’ve seen this crazy rise of this teen singer, Rebecca Black and her song “Friday.”  If you haven’t seen it, okay let’s take a quick look.  Let me show you a few s…

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Video 34: Make Insurance Prospects Happy with Great Content

March 17th, 2011Posted by akassover in Content, Leads, Traffic, Training, Videos


Hi, it’s Aaron Kassover from AgentMethods talking about insurance websites.  Yesterday, I talked a bit about just ignoring search engines for a while; just ignoring them.  Actually, if you focus on people, the search engines will bring them to you.  The reason why is that people want to find the best information, and search engines want to make people happy, and so if you provide the best information for peopl…

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